Raspberry Pi Projects/Andrew Robinson

Raspberry Pi Projects/Andrew Robinson-图书-亚马逊中国


this book is a must if you want to do more with your Raspberry Pi. (Connected Digital World, January 2014) A great introduction to the Pi and the sort of things that can be accomplished. (MmIT, February 2014) Books like this will guide you through a given project and provide you with learning points along the way, which is a great way to learn about Linux, Python, hardware hacking or anything. Beginner or not you ll learn lots by following the guide set out by experts such as these. (RaspberryPi.org, March 2014) This book provides a great entry into the world of the Raspberry Pi. It has a wide range of different projects something for everyone (BCS, September 2014)

Mike Cook, auch unter dem Namen "Grumpy Mike" bekannt, ist tätig als freiberuflicher Berater für alles, was irgendwie mit "Physical Computing" zu tun hat. Er ist ein erfahrener Fachautor und hat mehr als 300 Artikel über Computer und Elektronik verfasst.

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