3D Printing For Dummies/Kalani Kirk Hausman

3D Printing For Dummies/Kalani Kirk Hausman-图书-亚马逊中国


This accessible guide covers everything from how 3D printing works to the transformative impact it could have on our lives (Tech Monthly, February 2014) a handy book that delves into the potential of this new technology (3D World, June 2014)

Kalani Kirk Hausman has spent more than 20 years as an IT consultant, enterprise architect, auditor, and ISO. He currently conducts research on integrating 3D printed materials into educational curricula at Texas A&M University. Richard Horne (RichRap) has two decades of experience in the electronics industry as an engineer, marketer, and product designer. In his work with the RepRap project, he blogs and shares ideas to make 3D printing easier for everyone to understand.

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