• 数组:一个在For循环的变量举例了怎样使用一个数组。
  • For循环:通过for循环来控制多个LED灯
  • If声明条件:使用一个‘if 声明’,通过改变输入条件来改变输出条件
  • Switch Case:怎样在非连续的数值里选择。
  • Switch Case 2:第二个switch-case的例子,展示怎样根据在串口收到的字符来采取不同的行为
  • While 声明条件:当一个按键被读取,怎样用一个while循环来校准一个传感器。

Arrays: A variation on the For Loop example that demonstrates how to use an array.
For Loop Iteration: Control multiple LEDs with a for loop and.
If Statement Conditional: Use an ‘if statement’ to change the output conditions based on changing the input conditions.
Switch Case: How to choose between a discrete number of values.
Switch Case 2: A second switch-case example, showing how to take different actions based on the characters received in the serial port.
While Statement Conditional: How to use a while loop to calibrate a sensor while a button is being read.

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